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  • Social Media Wills

    Social Media Wills

    Ever wondered what happens to your Facebook page when you die?  What about your Twitter account, or Google profile or Gmail account?  Since social media is so pervasive in our everyday lives, this has become a hot new topic in estate planning.  Even the government is giving advice on how to deal with your social […]

  • The Missing Link

    The Missing Link

    So, you set up your living will, your inter-vivos trust and your pour-over will.  You have your health care directives and durable powers of attorney ready to go.  You’re all set, right?  Legally speaking, you may have a complete estate plan.  However, there’s a missing piece to this estate plan that most people do not […]

  • Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes (Part 2)

    Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes (Part 2)

    In a continuation of the previous article concerning famous people and their estate planning mistakes, here are some more examples. Marlon Brando Don’t make promises without writing them into your estate plan. Angela Borlaza, actor Brando’s former maid and later “major domo” (head of the household staff), claimed Brando gave her the house she lived […]

  • Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes (Part 1)

    Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes (Part 1)

    Volumes could be written about estate planning mistakes of the rich and famous.  In fact, many books have already been written on the subject (see Trial & Heirs by Danielle & Andy Mayoras for one).  However, these stories are not only valuable as juicy tidbits of gossip.  They can help people by giving them an […]