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  • Intestacy Calculator

    Ever wonder what your state will do with your assets if you die without a will?  Here’s a quick and easy way to find out.  Check out and plug in your particulars.  Pennsylvania attorney Kurt Nilson has created a 50-state plus WashingtonD.C. intestacy calculator that is simple to use.  The site will let you […]

  • Whole Body Donations

    One option to be considered by anyone creating an estate plan is whether or not to donate all or part of your body to medicine or science.  Medical schools take “whole body” donations to be used for research and instruction.  These donations will be rejected if any organs have been removed from the body.  When […]

  • All Heirs Are Not (Always) Created Equally

    Estate planning is not a one-size-fits-all activity.  There is no law that requires all of your potential heirs to inherit equal parts of your estate.  If you have multiple heirs, whether or not you want your children or grandchildren to take equally is a decision you will have to make. There are plenty of reasons […]

  • What does NOT belong in your will.

    A will is a powerful tool that allows a person to provide for the transfer of his or her property at death.  Wills preserve the concept of a persons’ freedom to dispose of his assets as he wishes.  A will is a critical piece of an estate plan.  However, a will cannot do everything. A […]

  • Estate dispute caused by ‘E-Z Legal Form’ is a ‘cautionary tale,’ says justice.

    Ann Aldrich used an “E-Z Legal Form” when she made out her will in 2004, a decision that proved to be a good choice for two nieces who cited the document’s lack of a residuary clause. In a decision issued last week, the Florida Supreme Court ruled for the nieces, though they weren’t mentioned in […]